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Permanent Makeup Removal

Tattoo Lightening and Removal procedures- Tattoo lightening and removal procedures are safe and effective. Using saline as a removal agent is similar to peeling the layers of an onion. Safe removal techniques without creating a scar is imperative. Tattoo removal and restoration is a technique that takes time and patience. We use it for the removal of a poorly completed procedure. Once enough color is removed, we can enhance the treatment area with a new balance.

60 min $100

Scar Needling and Camouflage- This procedure is area specific. Facelift scars, surgical scars, and camouflage to blend the surrounding tissue. Scar tissue is tricky and it truly has a mind of its own. We use techniques that are safe and the results are stunning. Each treatment is the same fee of 600.00 and typically 2 treatments are sufficient.

60 min $200

Allure Spa and Lounge Makeup Services

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